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Andretta – Flamma (Original Mix) Out Now on Static Music

Andretta – Flamma (Original Mix) Out Now on Static Music

Label: Static Music

Release date: 16th February 2018

Catalog number: BLV4982611

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Flamma (Original Mix)
Flamma (Original Mix)

Andretta – Flamma (Original Mix)

Production duo Andretta have followed up their previous work on the Static Music label with ‘Flamma’; a party ready dance tune that sits comfortably between house and electro.

Instantly grabbing the listener and pulling them in, ‘Flamma’ erupts with a beat and a bassline, layered with chords from a lush pad. The arrangement introduces synth elements harking back to classic 80s sounds, and the piece is dominated by an uplifting and happy atmosphere. This is a tune for people who want to dance. Each repetition of the arrangement introduces a new and more uplifting synth line, driving the tune skyward with full force. This would be a great peak time tune in a club, and Andretta have proven their skill once again.



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